Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential oil has a popular fragrance well know to many people. It’s pleasant, warm, rich, and comforting all at the same time. It’s versatile and goes well with a wide range of different scents, including sweet, spicy, flowery, and fresh. Its scent can instantly lighten up a dull and uninteresting space. Aside from its commercial and baking uses, It is popular among the general public for its health advantages.

Vanilla possesses several therapeutic properties that can be beneficial for your health. It is useful for a variety of things, including PMS relief, infection prevention, libido enhancement, blood pressure reduction, inflammation reduction, and depression relief. It has sedative properties in the body. It can calm the nervous system and regulate blood pressure, as well as lessen hyperactivity and restlessness. It also appears to aid with anxiety and sadness, since it combines relaxation with a mood boost.

History of Vanilla Essential Oil

The plant (V. planifolia) is part of the orchid family. The Totonacs were the first to plant it before the Aztecs subjugated them in the 1400s. Though many orchids are edible, it is the only cultivated food source among the 24,000 orchid species. These plants were brought all over the globe by colonization and globalization. However, it is extremely time-consuming and difficult to reproduce and sow. It usually takes several months to nurture and bring out the true flavor.

You can use a solvent such as ethanol or CO2 extraction to obtain a pure vanilla extract. When it comes to vanilla essential oil, take note that we’re talking about items with a high concentration of vanillin—around 21% or higher—often in a carrier oil, which is extracted using a carbon dioxide method or diluted using alcohol. When choosing between these extracts, remember that the higher the vanillin content, the more effective the product.


vanilla essential oil

Vanilla essential oil’s medicinal effects may include its antioxidant, antidepressant, sedative, tranquilizer, and calming characteristics. It may also contain antifungal and antibacterial effects that support healthy skin and hair, as well as muscle pain and cramp relief. In the body, it has sedative qualities. It can relax the nervous system, control blood pressure, and reduce restlessness and agitation. It also appears to help with anxiety and depression since it combines relaxation with a mood boost.

Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oils

It prevents premature aging

According to a 2007 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, its constituents are certainly powerful antioxidants that can be utilized for food preservation and as nutraceuticals in health supplements. As a result, vanilla oil is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the body against aging, illnesses, and even some types of cancer by resisting free radical damage.

It can fight against the effects of external and internal free radicals. It works as a powerful blocker that protects the skin while also eliminating the cells that cause cancer. Furthermore, it revitalizes skin tissues and those at the cellular level, delaying premature aging and assisting in the optimization of look and overall health. While delivering smoothness and natural regeneration to the skin, it can help with inflammation and dryness.

Eliminate free radicals

It helps in the removal of free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause memory loss, immune system weakness, nervous system dysfunction, vision and hearing loss, mental instability, macular degeneration, and disease susceptibility. It contains antioxidants that help in the neutralization of free radicals and the prevention of cancer and infections.

It is an Aphrodisiac

Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, impotence, rigidity, or loss of libido may have been given a decent amount to help them overcome their issues. This oil has the potential to increase sexual behavior by stimulating hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Furthermore, wine mixed with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar is the ideal blend for increasing sexual mood.

Relieves pre-menstrual symptoms

It relieves premenstrual discomfort by stimulating the production of estrogen in women. It also aids in the management of disorders in women who have irregular periods. It has been found to significantly reduce the swelling of the abdomen, acne, mood changes, and sensitivity that accompany the menstrual period. It is due to the sedative effects, which allow the body to relax and reduce the stress and tension caused by daily problems.

Boosts skin and hair health

It is high in B vitamins, which are necessary for healthy, lustrous hair. Some even claim that it can aid in the prevention of hair loss! It contains niacin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid, which aid to maintain skin health by preventing acne and fending off free radical damage. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots can all be avoided with this treatment.

Might relieve depression

Over 17 million Americans suffer from depression, a life-threatening mental disease.

According to a 2013 study, the vanilla essential oil was shown to promote antidepressant properties in mice comparable to fluoxetine, a medicine routinely used to treat depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. As a result, scientists concluded that it can be used as a natural treatment for depression since its fragrance helps improve your mood and produce good feelings.

Although there is no cure, conventional practices like meditation, proper food, and exercise can assist. Essential oils are useful in aromatherapy. It showed potential antidepressant activity in an animal study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology. Vanilla’s relaxing characteristics can help to improve one’s mood by reducing stress, anger, tension, and impatience.

How to use vanilla essential oil?

Now that you’ve learned some of the incredible health benefits of vanilla essential oil, here are some vanilla essential oil uses you can incorporate into your daily routine and reap the benefits!

  • Aromatherapy: To improve sleeping patterns and relax your mind, add 8-10 drops to a diffuser and enjoy the aroma as it fills the room with pure enjoyment.
  • In a Tub of Warm Water: You can also build your vanilla oil bath by adding around 5-10 drops of the oil to a tub of warm bathing water and soaking within and pampering yourself!
  • Topically: Apply 2-3 drops of pure vanilla oil to the affected areas, especially if you wish to relieve burns, wounds, inflammatory disorders, or severe menstrual cramps.

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