Benefits and Uses of Meyer Lemon Essential Oil

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Meyer lemon essential oil is a totally natural ingredient that is also used as a medication for home health issues. It’s derived from the outer cover of fresh lemons via steam extraction.

The lemon essential oil can be watered down and used on the skin’s outer surface or spread into the air and inhaled. Many people who have used Meyer lemon essential oil claim that it eases fatigue, minimizes inflammation, eradicates life-threatening bacteria and viruses, and helps with depression.

Over the last few years, multiple medical pieces of research have been conducted to confirm the validity of the claims made by individuals who have used essential oil for a while. Read on to discover the benefits and uses for Meyer lemon essential oil, potential side effects, and more.


You might have discovered that whenever you clean your home using lemon-scented products, you experience a strong feeling of happiness and a positive mood right away.

Perhaps, to some extent, this could be a natural result of making your home cleaner, neat, and attractive, but the natural scent of lemon possibly plays a role in that calming feeling.

This has been confirmed by multiple studies that found Meyer lemon essential oil to have a powerful calming and mood-enhancing effect. Studies further established lemon essential oil to be more effective at easing stress compared to other essential oils.

More studies also validated that essential oil eased anxiety among patients after undergoing orthopedic surgery.

There is solid evidence that diffusing essential oil effectively eases off various symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Lemon oil is one of the various essential oils that can get rid of destructive bacteria that thrive on your skin.

A recent study found lemon essential oil powerful in fighting off strains of bacteria. This renders it ideal for cleaning minor wounds on the skin’s outer surface.

More multiple pieces of research have also established lemon essential oil’s effect in seeing off infections engendering bacteria and may avert skin inflammation.

Lemon essential also boasts several protective properties, including antioxidants, that may polish and maintain your skin tone. However, similar to other citrus oils, it makes the skin more sensitive, especially when exposed to the sun.


Meyer Lemon oil can be applied to treat several skin conditions, such as acne.

When watered down and applied on the skin’s outer surface, the lemon essential oil can eliminate bacteria that may get held up in pores and give rise to breakouts. In addition, it can revitalize your skin by gently shedding off dead skin cells that usually get trapped on pores and hair follicles.

When applied topically, the lemon essential oil can offer speedy healing of breakouts and treatment of acne spots, thanks to its healing properties.


Because lemon essential oil is rich in antimicrobial properties, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that this powerful oil should form part of your first aid kit.

Several pieces of research have confirmed the effect of lemon essential oil in fostering immediate healing of wounded tissues. In addition, this oil can be applied topically on minor cuts to cleanse them, prevent infection and adequately help expedite the healing of wounds.


Lemon essential oil is a viable home remedy to give a try, especially when enduring a cold or a sore throat.

Try installing a diffuser containing lemon oil into your room and allow it to diffuse its sweet, citrusy smell in your surrounding as you get some rest. The relaxing properties of Meyer lemon essential oil relieve your brain and throat muscles.

Although there is insufficient scientific data in support of lemon oil aromatherapy with easing the common cold, we are all aware that Meyer oil’s Vitamin C and antioxidant properties are of help when seeking to breathe with minimal difficulties.

However, most vitamin C is lost to water when deriving essential oil from lemons when using the steam extraction process. Despite that, the cold-pressed lemon essential oil is believed to contain small amounts of vitamin C.

Note that consuming essential oils is not safe for your health.


Occasionally, lemon oil is applied in aromatherapy as a homemade analgesic. The calming effects of this oil on stress and depression may denote its ability to help the body interpret the pain without causing worry.

Multiple studies have confirmed that lemon essential oil aromatherapy alters the way our brains react to disturbing stimuli. However, more studies need to be conducted to establish how Meyer oil affects humans enduring pain.


Lemon essential oil elevates your mood and also enhances your brainpower.

This has been confirmed by multiple studies, with the latest one involving students taking language classes in a classroom diffused with lemon essential oil. Those learners outperformed their counterparts taking the same lessons in a regular classroom.


Some of the most typical symptoms experienced at the early stages of pregnancy include nausea and vomiting. There are claims that lemon essential oil can, to some extent, ease the extremity of these symptoms.

A recent study found out that aromatherapy coupled with lemon essential oil can significantly ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.


Meyer lemon essential contains potent anti-fungal properties which treat various skin overgrowths. Actually, several recent studies have confirmed its effectiveness in fighting off fungi that gives rise to yeast infections, thrush, and athlete’s foot when used topically.

Wrapping Up

As said earlier, Meyer lemon essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help ease stress, enhance mood, and find mental clarity, among others.

Though natural, lemon oil isn’t completely devoid of side effects, so always apply a carrier oil on your skin before smearing this essential oil. Also, note that lemon essential oil should never be ingested. Lemon essential oil should not be perceived as a replacement for doctors prescription but instead as a complement to your day to day health and wellness regimen.

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