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Nov 10

Cinnamon Reduces Blood Pressure

Most people can’t tell when their blood pressure is high, which is why hypertension is called the “silent killer.” In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you. Elevated blood pressure can lead to a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke along with other serious illnesses. Blood pressure can elevate to as high …

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Nov 27

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Christmas and Lowers Blood Pressure

What better way to celebrate the Holidays than using essential oils. The aromas of the oils can be so diverse – some stimulating, some relaxing, some for digestion, and the list goes on. Cinnamon essential oil has a wonderful spicy fragrance so let’s put some in a diffuser sending the aroma throughout the house. It …

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Oct 06

Favorite Essential Oil Blend for the Fall

  Add this blend into a diffuser and inhale the wonderful autumn fragrance!!   3 drops Sweet Orange      Let’s get refreshed and energized for the season. 2 drops Cinnamon             Bring some spice into your life inviting those warming accents. 6 drops Juniper Berry       Just …

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