Sep 23

Featured Essential Oil Books

After a lot of hard-work and research, I have recently published these Kindle eBooks. I hope you find the books to be informative and helpful physically, mentally and spiritually. Below is a short summary about each one and a link to Amazon where they are available for purchase.


There are many things we can do to help ourselves through the wintry months. Essential oils can make all the difference. I will not only be covering colds and flu but also an illness that affects a lot of us during this time of year and that would be Seasonal Affective Disorder. I cannot begin to tell you how strongly I feel about SAD and to hopefully be able to help others understand how important it is to recognize and treat this illness.


This is such an exciting time of the year and I feel so inspired to research and find out all kinds of really good information. For instance in the Cooking with Essential Oils chapter, I decided to not only cover Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s traditional foods but also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice traditional foods! I also added some basic knowledge about each holiday, which I found so very interesting and hope you do to.


You’re about to take a journey exploring all kinds of information about essential oils! Inside this guide you will find wonderful recipes for different essential oil blends and their potential therapeutic and spiritual uses. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with essential oils, this book will provide exactly what you need to take your use of essential oils to the next level.


Autumn essential oils range from spicy to earthy to woody aromas. With the weather changing to a crisp coolness, a change in oils is in order to create more of a warm, cozy feeling. Fall is a time of reflection, which can lead to more emotional stress in your life. The essential oils can lift your spirits and calm your emotions. The assortment of oils I chose were ones that I feel most remind me, and I hope you too, of this season. Let’s not forget that the oils smell great, but their therapeutic purposes go a long way.


You’re about to enter the world of apples, exploring all kinds of information about apple essential oil! How about being able to get rid of a headache just by placing this absolutely wonderful oil on your temples? So, if you would like to find out what apple essential oil is and its therapeutic benefits, this is the perfect place for you to be.

The summer goes by way too quickly so do not hesitate, jump right into using those citrus essential oils. They are refreshing and uplifting going well with other citrus oils as well as other essential oil types such as floral, spice and mint. There are some wonderful recipes for your body, face, hair, improve your skin, lose weight, and more!