Oct 06

Favorite Essential Oil Blend for the Fall



Add this blend into a diffuser and inhale the wonderful autumn fragrance!!


3 drops Sweet Orange      Let’s get refreshed and energized for the season.

2 drops Cinnamon             Bring some spice into your life inviting those warming accents.

6 drops Juniper Berry       Just like you are out in the woods smell the woody,     sweet, fresh and crisp aroma.

2 drops Clove                Sweet and spicy for providing overall health.

2 drops Rosemary         Lift your spirits with a bit of rosemary on those rainy fall days.

4 drops Cedarwood       Woody, balsamic and very earthy in scent reminiscent of a walk in the forest.

2 drops Patchouli                    A little bit of aphrodisiac is good anytime of the year.