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Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia)

What is Niaouli?

Niaouli is a large evergreen tree native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Caledonia. People in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have long known of the medicinal power of the oil. It is used in Ayurvedic healing as an antiseptic, stimulate the immune system, and help with respiratory and pulmonary conditions.      niaouli oil

The essential oil of Niaouli is extracted through steam distillation of its leaves and twigs. It is widely used in a large variety of cosmetics such as lotions, creams, soaps, and toothpastes. Niaouli is used in aromatherapy for its uplifting, inspiring effect.


Spicy and warm

Plant Properties

Analgesic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, bactericidal, balsamic, cicatrisant, decongestant, expectorant, febrifuge, insecticide, stimulant, vermifuge and vulnerary substance.


Relieves pain, fights infections, kills bacteria, boosts the immune system, clears up scarring, reduces congestion, eliminates fever, stimulates blood circulation, heals wounds, and helps digestion

Blends with:

Coriander, fennel, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, lime, myrtle, patchouli, pine, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree.