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Cedarwood (Cedras atlantica)

What is Cedarwood?

It is an essential oil derived from the foliage, and sometimes the wood and roots, of various types of conifers, most in the pine or cyress botanical families. Cedarwood has many uses in medicine, art, industry and perfumery, and while the characteristics of oils derived from various species may themselves vary, all have some degree of bacterial and pesticidal effects. The cedar oil of the ancients, in particular the Sumarians and Egyptians, was derived from the Cedar of Lebanon, a true cedar native of the Middle East.



Woodsy, balsamic and most earthy blend with just a touch of sweetness

Plant Properties

Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmotic, astringent, diuretic, exportant, sedative, antibacterial, antiseptic.


Hair loss, acne, hair, eczema, psoriasis, arteriosclerosis, cellulite, diuretic, tuberculosis, urinary infections, anxiety, dandruff, water retention, and insomnia.

Blends with:

Grapefruit, sweet orange, bergamot, cinnamon, clary sage, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, juniper berry, lavender, lemon, neroli, rose, rosemary oils


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