Category: Evening Primrose

Nov 05

Evening Primrose Once Again in the Spotlight

November is Diabetes Month so to honor all of the people with diabetes and their struggles with the disease we decided to write an article involving evening primrose essential oil and children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Let’s discuss type one diabetes. Diabetes mellitus type, or type one diabetes or T1DM (formerly known as insulin-dependent diabetes …

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Sep 15

Evening Primrose Topically Applied to Eczema

  Eczema is a recurrent or chronic, inflammatory skin disorder also known as atopic eczema, or by its medical name, atopic dermatitis. It can appear as blisters that crust over to become scaly, itchy rashes, or as dry, thick patches of skin with scales. Although eczema is not contagious, it is very common. Estimates are …

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