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Grapeseed (Vitus vinifera)

What is Grapeseed?

Grapeseed oil is obtained from the pulverised kernels of wine-producing grapes (Vitis vinifera) by pressing or extraction. Oil obtained in this manner is then refined. The vine is one of the oldest cultivated plants. It was cultivated both by the Egyptians, in 3500 B.C., and by the Babylonians and Indians.



·  Offers quality skin moisturizing and that is why it is considered an excellent lubricant for massage.
·  Leaves a glossy film that protects essential oils from evaporation.
·  Some claim it has astringent qualities that tighten and tone the skin lending itself to having anti-aging effects.
·  Does not aggravate acne or clog pores.


Sweet, light, with a slight nutty aroma.


Thin, fine texture, leaving no oily residue.


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